Teaching Children, Teens and Adults to Embrace Well-Being, Interest and Awe in Life

Jan 13, 2023
Removing Negative Self-Talk: Participating in Nature and Natural Experiences, Guided imagery, Music, and Art to enhance well-being and awe in our World. For all ages.

Many people of all ages experience negative self-talk which produces Anxiety and Depression. There is a significant need for all ages to learn to combat negative self-talk by learning to appreciate a positive sense of well-being and awe in our World.

The first step is to learn in therapy how to remove negative self-talk of "What we assume we are and what we are not"! Negativity keeps people frozen in a brain loop wherein we cannot find our sense of hope, well-being, and awe. We need to replace the negativity which loops in our minds by cultivating a deep sense of awe and gratitude by changing our body rhythms and our negative thoughts.

The results of such a change, guided by therapy, are that our minds slow down, we feel calmer, our organs are quieted, we trust more, and have a new feeling of connectedness.

Awe and well-being can be cultivated when watching or participating in a variety of natural experiences.  There are many ways to begin to experience awe and well-being alone, with your family, with your children, or with friends to cultivate awe in the natural world  -- walks/hikes beside the ocean, lakes, and forests. You can visit National or local parks, pack a picnic together, and visit nature to give you a sense of the peacefulness we are all seeking. Bring your dogs too!

Start now, and your child or teen early in their lives to participate in nature walks, ocean sports, hiking, walking near oceans or lakes and learn to listen to soothing music for relaxation or guided imagery. 

You can simply create artwork with an Art or Maker Closet or Shelves at home.  A "Maker Closet/Shelves" can be filled with simple art supplies (some created by collecting "treasures" from Nature experiences) - art supplies:  glue, starch for paper mache', magazines for cut-outs of words and pictures, construction paper, markers, broken playthings, crayons, found objects, string/yarn or whatever simple items you have on hand. Create/Use your "Marker Closet", turn on relaxing music in the background, and let your child/ren and adults explore creativity and cultivate a sense of awe and relaxation 

The feeling of awe is pure inspiration and our lives will thrive and be enriched, we will lessen the hold of negative thoughts, and our lives with be unburdened because we all absolutely crave this balance for creative living.